Extreme Duty Winch Bumpers for Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota and Lexus


Since 1997, TrailReady has successfully supplied customers with cutting edge designs, excellent quality, and top service.

You won’t find a better looking or better handling winch bumper on the market. TrailReady bumpers have the aggressive styling that everybody likes and are engineered for maximum strength to handle the toughest jobs and terrain.


  • Building rock solid front-ends for 20 years
  • In-house manufacturing
    • Quick delivery time
    • Cost control
    • Broad product offering – continuation of early models


Strong yet not overweight, TrailReady bumpers maintain excellent vehicle handling characteristics. Our streamlined design isn't just for looks. The inward taper of the lower bumper maximizes approach and departure angles. TrailReady bumpers also provide extra clearance for larger tires and increased suspension travel.

  • Extreme-duty Construction and Frame Mounting
  • Large, extra tough Grill Tubing
  • Quad light ports – Round or Rectangular
  • Hard-hitting Styling – compact and aggressive, yet clean-lined

NEW PRODUCT – TrailReady Light Line

Love TrailReady, but don’t need the size and weight of an Extreme-duty Winch bumper?  The Light Line is an awesome accessory for any truck - Tight-fitting, Light-weight, Built-in Light Bar Mount.


TrailReady Superduty rock crawler bumper was built especially for Petersen's 4Wheel Ultimate Adventure. Super high approach angle, houses a Warn 16,500lb winch installed upside down with the fairlead on top, recovery rings and horns, able to crush rocks, and leap tall buildings! The bumper takes a brand new Superduty diesel through some of the most rough terrain imaginable.  View our NEW Super Duty Rock Crawler bumper line here.

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